5 Popular Freelance Websites for Language Experts

Written by Aaron FieldsAaron Fields- (polyglot)


Upwork (https://www.upwork.com/)
This is the biggest service for freelancers in the world. It’s assigned for specialists in IT-industry: developers, designers, translators, content managers. People from all over the world can find work here. There are 9 million freelancers and 4 million clients which makes the service attractive enough for IT-workers who have excellent knowledge of English. This service has two work regimes. One of them is hourly pay (the system observes users activity), the second regime is fixed pay for a result. Upwork is aimed exactly for the first one and has a program of working time analysis. But it will be really hard for beginners to start using Upwork because before applying they will have to pass several tests in order to prove their knowledge.

Elance (https://www.elance.com/)
This is one service more which unites employers and freelancers from entire world. It has wider audience and specialization. It equally matches IT-workers and philologists. Every year millions dollars are being paid to freelancers on Elance. It has an excellent reputation because developers’ team controls all orders to be paid by employers in time. Every month more than 100 thousand new projects appear on the site. Pay ways on Elance: PayPal, bank transaction, Elance Prepaid MasterCard (MasterCard Payoneer).

Freelancer (https://www.freelancer.com)
This service is specialized on search of workers for SMEs and has more than 15 million registered users from over 247 countries, regions and territories including more than 7 million projects. Freelancer basically is aimed for web-developers, designers and specialists of mobile applications. Every freelancer has to pay 10% of project price and every client has to pay 3% plus.

Proz (http://www.proz.com/)
Proz is the service where translators can find new clients. Clients also have a possibility to find necessary specialists in a catalogue of oral and writing translation freelancers. This service also let users participate in conferences and trainings online or personally which are being held all over the world. Almost 800 thousand users are registered on the website which have a possibility to apply for education programs on Proz.

2Polyglot (http://2polyglot.com/)
2Polyglot is a linguistic portal where copywriters, tour guides, translators, interpreters and tutors offer their service for customers who need work to be done quickly and professionally. Furthermore, all freelancers are checked and have proper certificates in their professional area. Proof of their knowledge can be seen on each profile with visible language certificates. Registered users can fill in the boxes with basic info, upload their portfolios with translations, unique texts, photos, certificates and other supporting documents. Copywriters have an extra store option for uploading their unique texts for customers to browse and to purchase. For copyright protection, all texts have only an extract of 30 words available for free browsing.

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