5 Things to Do When You DIY Your Wedding Flowers

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Are you planning to have DIY wedding flowers? It may be an excellent but intimidating idea. Putting together a wedding bouquet is not all that tricky, but going DIY the entire wedding flowers is apparently not as easy as it sounds.

Here are some tips for DIY wedding flowers.

Keep it simple

If you nothing about floristry, remember that it is not as easy as it looks. However, if you are expert in creating beautiful bouquets or centerpiece for home, you may try your hand out. Creating ornate pieces is an art, so unless you are particularly skilled, keep your DIY flowers simple throughout your venue. Scattered foliage, a handful of fresh blossoms in jars, potted succulents are good to start with. If you are in doubt, stick to similar flowers throughout.

Decide the budget

Check the cost of DIY wedding flowers before you kick off your endeavor. You may have dreamt of Calla Lily or Peony bouquet since you were a kid; however, these flowers may not fall within your budget. Don’t set your hopes too much about a particular bloom. Look for seasoned flowers at the time of your wedding.

Think about your clothes

It is important to consider dyes while choosing your wedding flowers for bouquets and boutonnieres. From pollens that stain to deeply hued petals that might stain your white bridal dress, there are flowers you need to keep away from your wedding attire. For more help, take suggestions for florists.

Get help

You need plenty of help, tools, advice, and ideas before you start your DIY wedding flower endeavor. You can take help of anyone who has done their wedding flowers. Gather some friends to give you a helping hand with the blooms. Make sure that you have all the tools required including scissors, twine, florist tape, wire, ribbon, etc. If you have ideas in mind, print their pictures to avoid explaining everything to everyone.

Plan in advance

To make your plan successful, you need to do a little homework. Preparation is the key! So, do plenty of practice beforehand. You can start months before by creating centerpieces for your home. You don’t need a lot of blooms to rehearse; even a few foliage stems will serve your purpose. Visit a wholesale flower market to get the idea of the flowers, prices and other things.

Keep all these things in mind and stay ready to get a good hand of applause by your guests for your DIY wedding floral effort.

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