6 Gripping Tips For Successful Presentation

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Presentation plays a major part in public speaking skills and students should know how to present a topic in class with success. It involves step by step preparation and confident delivery. Good presentation skills pave way for success in one’s career also.

Presentation is a major public skill and is essential for putting across one’s ideas in a successful manner. A persuasive presentation engages the audience to the core and communicates the speaker’s ideas in the right perspective without fail.

Good presentation skills need gradual preparation and good amount of confidence. There are certain essential steps in preparing a successful presentation

Good research on the chosen topic

The topic chosen should be interesting and relevant to the targeted audience. The speaker should research on the topic well to make it informative, meaningful and interesting. Quotes, anecdotes and examples make a topic rich in meaning and inviting to the audience.

Good Rehearsal

Rehearsal plays a major part in improving the confidence of the speaker. One can rehearse before the web cam or mirror for self check, friends or family members for feedback and rectify the faults he commits while presenting his ideas. It also familiarizes him with the content, increases his flow of language and enhances his style of communication.

Body language

Body language has a major role in presentation. Moving around the room, speaking with a natural air, having eye contact and avoiding clumsy behavior are of paramount importance while delivering a presentation. Pleasantries like smiling at the audience add to the pleasing personality of the speaker and prove him entertaining and engaging at the very outset. It adds to the confident look of the speaker also.

Modulation in voice

Modulation gives life to the speaker’s thoughts. A dull and monotonous voice would not fetch the desired effect but would lull audience to sleep. Pitch variation, rising and falling tones, meaningful pauses are the lifeline of a good presentation. The speaker should also know to judge the mood of the audience and measure their responses through sudden questions and narrations.

Good conclusion

Many presentations which start well end abruptly and lose the purpose of the presentation. A good presentation always has a good conclusion as a take away for audience.Summarising your ideas in the end helps the audiences gather the ideas of the speaker in a nutshell and makes them feel gratified with the essence of a good presentation.

Room for questions and feedback from audience

Any presentation or speech has the ultimate aim of getting across the ideas of the speaker to the audience and that can be reflected in the feedback and question time offered by the speaker. If there is some negative feedback, the speaker should take it in the right spirit and deem it as a chance to rectify his errors. Positive feed backs are most welcoming as morale boosters for the presenter.

Thus, presentation has its major components of research, rehersal, good body language, tone variation, lending room for feed back with a good concluding part. Not all the persons have the innate quality of presentation skills but it is by practice one can develop these skills in him.


Presenting a topic, paper or thesis is a necessary part of student learning at advanced level like high school or college. Good presentation skills spring from good language capabilities and speaking efficiencies which are attainable through an online English tutor. English tutors with their experience in public speaking art train students well in the presentation skills and get them ready for good scores in this area of learning. Presentation is also necessary for a promising career in future for students.

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