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In many households, it’s a nightly dilemma where a student hits a wall doing his/her homework, and parents are too exhausted, too busy or too bamboozled to help. Besides, getting the quality education is an indispensable need in today’s utterly competitive world. Every kid aspires to study and score well in exams so that they can pursue a desired course or enroll in a world-class institution for better future.
The time students use to spend in their primary & secondary schools is important as it forms the very base of their future goals. It is hence very crucial that students at that period receive proper learning requirements.

Parents do carry out their essential duties by picking the right educational institution for their children; however it is to be noted that just letting the child get admission to a school of good repute isn’t going to help. It is also important to check on the child to ensure that he/she is indeed getting all the help and support for successful learning.

There is no doubt in accepting that today’s study materials are vast and not what it used to be in the time of yore. Children need to put in more efforts and focus to learn as well as grasp many things in a scheduled time-frame. This obviously puts pressure on the kid from a learning perspective. It is also evident that not all kids have the same level of IQ or ability to grasp everything when it comes to learning. Also, educational institutions based on traditional learning concepts focus on a group of students and often individual attention by instructors/ teachers to every student doesn’t become possible. The lack of individual attention to each and every student creates a learning gap that can become an intruder in imparting effective learning to children.

Also, one must not forget the fact that each kid is different and has a different level of grasping power as well as learning capability. Some may be fast learners while others may take a bit more time to grasp things. Some students may face issues with specific subjects like math whereas some may easily ride over all the subject matters.

It is also important to notice that in the environment of the classroom; often students may shy away or feel uncomfortable of asking any question to clear their doubts. They may refrain from being understandable and focused due to the presence of other students, therefore, being shy always. This could be a horrible trend and can impact the kid’s academic development to a great extent.

These aforesaid shortcomings of customary classroom teaching create the requirement for supplementary academic support in the form of online tutoring.

Online tutoring has proven to be beneficial for providing additional study help that students need to learn better and score best. At present, the power of the internet has simplified the way people used to learn and teach. Online tutoring provides online math tutor, online science tutor, English tutor and more. This type of tutoring through the effective use of online audio/video and unique whiteboard technology has created a niche that facilitates a plethora of options and opportunities for students all over the world.

Online tutoring besides providing online math tutor, online science tutor, Online English tutor etc. proffers a number of advantages over traditional tutoring:

Cost-Effective Way: First of all, online tutoring is cost-effective. Today, a student just has to pay a little amount of money to get quality online tutoring as compared to traditional tutoring. Not all parents find it manageable for their kids to hire a private tutor, online tutoring offers an opportunity to these parents to bring quality education to their kids.

It Saves Commuting Time: Unlike traditional tutoring, Web-based tutoring, location of tutor and tutee isn’t a big factor. Irrespective of location, the tutee can get best education by using a laptop/ desktop computer/ Smartphone or a tab. This saves commuting time of both tutor and the tutee.

Multiple Choices of Tutors: Sometimes, students may not feel comfortable with the teaching style of a specific tutor in the classroom. This issue also occurs in online tutoring, however in this type of teaching process the student doesn’t have to stick with the same tutor as he/she has the option to choose from a vast choice of tutors available online for various subjects.

Assurance of Excellent Academic Help: In Web-based tutoring, each teacher has expertise in a specific subject. Moreover, they are accountable to ensure considerable academic progress by providing best-of-class tuition to students. Students have at their disposal, a big group of veteran and ace tutors having specialty in specific classes as well as subjects, to choose from. This makes online tutoring a best yet an advantageous option for tutees.

Periodic Tracking of Student’s Academic Progress: One thing that keeps parents vexing is that whether or not their kids are benefiting from private tuitions. This worry of parents is proficiently addressed by online tutoring through a simplified and reliable mechanism. One of the remarkable features of this sort of tutoring is the period monitoring of students’ progress. Online tutoring companies and firms inform the concerned parents regarding their kids’ academic progress by providing them with period reports on weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly basis. This helps parents avoid worries & allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of the tuition.

Round-the-Clock Availability: Online tutoring is flexible as far as timing is concerned. Students often need to clear a doubt arising right in the middle of the study and they need prompt help. In such cases, it’s not always possible to wait for a long time. But, with online tutoring round-the-clock help can be accessed anytime and anywhere. A student can set up an online appointment with a tutor at any point of time as per his/her convenience. In traditional way of education, this type of facility isn’t available.

Now, it’s clear that online tutoring has an edge over conventional yet traditional way of tutoring. It’s time of digital excellence and it’s getting momentum these days!

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