7 golden day of 35% subsidy, sales of 1.4 mil for iPhone 6 Plus

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Viettel Store: 7 golden day of 35% subsidy, sales of 1.4 mil for iPhone 6 Plus

By the "molting" spectacular with the best design ever, harmony and iOS 8, Apple has given the world a beautiful masterpiece of technology and sophistication - iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - create a new generation of iPhone makes it difficult to resist. To help you own the perfect iPhone, warranty and price cannot be lower, retail outlets nationwide Viettel "firing" the deal Gratitude customers "Open the repository of 14,000 products: sales off 1.4 million VND for iPhone 6 Plus; 400,000 VND for iPhone 6 **', applies to all versions - the international **only in 3 days from 30.01 till 01/2/2015. Accordingly, during the promotion period, Iphone 6 and 6 Plus will be priced as follows:


##16GB: 17.199.000 VNĐ => 16.799.000 VNĐ

##64GB: 19.799.000 VNĐ => 19.399.000 VNĐ

##128GB: 22.399.000 VNĐ => 21.999.000 VNĐ


##16GB: 17.199.000 VNĐ => 18.399.000 VNĐ

##64GB: 19.799.000 VNĐ => 20.999.000 VNĐ

##128GB: 22.399.000 VNĐ => 23.599.000 VNĐ

To iPhone “fan”: do not miss this great opportunity because the program only last for 3 days from 30/01/2015 till 01/2/2015 at all Viettel Store across the country.

(source: from Tinhte.vn)

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