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Hope Speak lets you save time and money for learning languages by chat with strangers and chat with random people you meet

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94 People Hand Up This
Hi dear, how are you today hope that you are fine? I am Susan helms from United State and also United State Army general,please contact me direct to my email for more information about myself, i will appreciate your respond on my email thanks am waiting to hear from you on my email (gensusanhelms99@ gmail.com)
Gio Mua He 7 days
what a beatyful girl
Hữu duyên thiên lý năng tương ngộ ...
Phuc Nguyen 15 days
như cc
Petermuck 15 days
beautiful girl :))
you're pretty
海海 17 days
Chào bạn
Ann 18 days
Chưa đến tết mà chị^^
holla lee 18 days
ugly and lazy
Ashley John 19 days
tecu :v
Vu Minh Minh 5 months
Họ Và Tên 5 months
can you make fiend with me !!!!!
Ngọc Duy's 5 months
so cute
so beautiful
nguyen hoang 6 months
Chào e
beautiful girl
so beautiful girl
Lê Quân 6 months
beautiful girl
bạn rất de64 thương
Hi we can practice together if you have free time, please make a appointment with me (:->)
Ngoc Tuan 7 months
chao em
Hoài Linh 7 months
nguyen huy 7 months
nguyen huy 7 months
e emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
pretty girl!
Hello, lovely to meet u
DUY JC 7 months
nice too meet you
abcdefghijkl 7 months
hi, nice to meet you .
Hoang le huy 7 months
I can talk with you about social.
Hoang le huy 7 months
hi. nice to meet you.
TanPhat Huynh 7 months
nice to meet you!
TanPhat Huynh 7 months
Hoang seven 7 months
Đô Ơi 7 months
hiếu mđ 7 months
johndrex 7 months
hi :")
malaken 7 months
dep qua
huy hoàng 7 months
Superna Tural 7 months
asdfg 7 months
stunning girl
Shub Thakur 7 months
Hy can any one make me friend
Tet is die☠️☠️☠️
Loqman Khan 7 months
Meo Miu 7 months
like you - with Linh Super
liu a tam 7 months
Linh Super 7 months
??? đây là chỗ chat tiếng anh chứ ko phải khoe thính :))
lucas 7 months
let's talk english
bạn là người việt nam giống mik
Huy Nguyen 7 months
you are so kute
Ranjith ranju 7 months
beauty girl.
so beautiful

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