10 common color-relating idioms

It is time to add some “colors” to your English learning process. Check out the color-relating idioms below and make your learning time more vibrant than ever.

To blackmail someone (verb)

To pressure someone to do something by threatening to disclose their secrets.
Example: My ex blackmailed me with our old photos that I had to ask for the police’s help.

Out of the blue (adverb)

Suddenly, without warning

Example: He appeared out of the blue at the party in spite of not being invited.

Green with envy (Adjective)
Extremely jealous, full of envy

Example: She got green with envy when seeing his boyfriend with another pretty girl.

10 common color-relating idioms - green withenvy

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A golden handshake (noun)
An amount of money that is paid to retired managers or redundant workers.

Example: My manager will receive a huge golden handshake when he retires next year.

Tickled pink (adjective)
Very pleased about something

Example: Mary was tickled pink when her crush confessed to her at the prom.

To see red (verb)
To extremely rage against someone or something

Example: He saw red when his car was stolen.

10 common color-relating idioms - see red

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A white lie (noun)

A harmless lie that is told to be polite or avoid hurting someone’s feeling.

Example: Doctors sometimes tell white lies to encourage their patients.

To have a yellow streak (verb)

To be a coward

Example: Don’t expect him to do anything; he always has a huge yellow streak in him.

Someone’s true colors (noun)

Someone’s actual characters

Example: It was until I asked him to help me with my problem, I finally saw his true colors.

To chase rainbows (verb)
To try to get or achieve something that is difficult or impossible

Example: People thought that he just chased rainbows when he said that he wanted to become a magician.

10 common color-relating idioms - chase the rainbows(Source: the-language-corner.com)

They are beautiful, aren’t they? If you happen to know any other color-relating idioms, don’t forget to share with us. Keep calm and color our English learning time!

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