10 English food-relating idioms

Who doesn’t love food? How about food idioms? Let’s start our lesson today with some idioms related to food. Bon Appétit!

Apple of one’s eyes: the person that you have a great affection for

Ex: She is the apple of my eyes. (= I like her)

idioms apple of my eyes

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Butter somebody up: flatter somebody

Ex: He spent a lot of time buttering his boss up in order to get promoted.

Go beet-red: to become red in the face because you are embarrassed

Ex: She went beet-red when he gave a peck on her lips.

Piece of cake: something very easy

Ex: The mid-term test was just a piece of cake.

idioms piece of cake

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Cheesed off: annoyed, frustrated

Ex: He’s totally cheesed off with his new neighbor.

Cup of tea: something (or someone) that you are very interested in.

Ex: Coffee is not my cup of tea. (= I don’t like coffee)

idioms cup of tea(Source: fc01.deviantart.net)

In a pickle: in a difficult situation

Ex: I forget my assignment at home. I’m in a huge pickle now!

Warm as toast: warm and cozy

Ex: Our house is small, but it is as warm as toast.

idioms warm as toast

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Lay an egg: to give bad performance

Ex: The pianist laid an egg during his performance last night.

Forbidden fruit: something that one finds attractive partly because it is illegal, immoral or prohibited

Ex: Trying wine is like a forbidden fruit for teenagers.

What delicious idioms! We hope you like our small meal here. If you have any other food-relating idioms in your mind, feel free to share with us. We Hope to hear you Speak!

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