2 techniques to improve your pronunciation

This video shows you how to improve your pronunciation quickly and permanently. A common problem of English learners is that you mispronounce a certain word for so long that it becomes a habit of yours. You try your best to fix the mistake; however, it keeps coming back every time you don’t pay attention to you pronunciation.

This video suggests 2 approaches to the problem:

  • The first way is repetition. You check the right pronunciation, and then you repeat it over and over again until you can finally replace the old bad habit with the good one. Nevertheless, one con of this method is that it takes a lot of time to correct the mistakes altogether.
  • Understanding the problem, there is another approach to help speed up the process: exaggeration, where you exaggerate the part of the word that you used to mispronounce. For example, you used to say “pogam” instead of “program”, and now you try to fix it by emphasizing the R sound: “pRogRam”.

You can visit the website of the video owner http://engfluent.com/english-pronunciation-exercises/ for more free pronunciation exercises.

This is all for today. We hope that this video can help you with your pronunciation. Join us or follow our fan page for more helpful videos.

Featured image source: quickanddirtytips.com

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfRBkQX2FGY

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