3 games to help you learn vocabulary

Are you seeking an effective way to improve your vocabulary without the pressure of memorizing words by heart? How about trying some vocabulary game? Playing with words has been proven to be one of the best tips regarding vocabulary learning. In this site, we will introduce you 3 helpful vocabulary games including crossword, boggle and scrabble.


Crossword is the most familiar game for language learners. The rule is quite simple. All you have to do is answering the questions that are given as clues, and then you fill the blank squares with letter to from words, phrases. This game not only helps you to remember the meanings of the vocabulary, but through the clue questions, it shows you example of how to use the words or how to describe them.


(source: bengkelbrainpower.com)


In this game, players have to form at-least-three-letters words from the letters on 16 cubic dice. Those cubic dice is settled into a 4×4 tray, and the cubes that are used to form words have to be horizontally, vertically and diagonally neighboring. Within 3 minutes (or more depend on the level of players' language ability), you have to write down as many words as you can. After that, the game enters the scoring phase. This game helps you to form the vocabulary reflex as you have to think of as many words as you could in three minutes. In addition, you can expand your vocabulary by looking at your friends’ lists in the scoring phase.


(source: wikimedia.org)


Scrabble is a word game for two or four people. When playing the game, the players try to form words from the given letter sin crossword fashion with the words from the previous players. Like Boggle, it helps you to form vocabulary reflex and expand your vocabulary as you learn your friends’ words.


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