4 tips for IELTS reading

1. Read the test in order

Try reading your test in the order as suggested below:



(Source: hocielts.vn)

T – The Title: Title will provide you some main information of the paragraph. If you have difficulties getting the whole meaning or understanding some expressions in the title, try your best to figure it out during the reading process.

H – The Headings: The small headings in each part of the reading introduce that part’s content and give out exact hints for information’s location. Besides, these sub-titles can help you get the paragraph’s main point and its lessons.

– Bold printed words: All the bold printed words are really important, and they help us predict some information.

– Pictures: You should take a look at the demonstration images, charts, figures, or tables in the reading. They play a big role in summarizing the whole text, providing or clarifying the related information.

– The Instructions: Is it obligated to read the instructions/directions of the reading, isn’t it?

A – Answer: Make sure that you answer all the questions suggested in the text.

E – The Example: Pay more attention to examples since you might get closer to the meaning of the paragraph.

Q – The Question: Read them carefully because the information provided in the question may give you some hints on how to find the answer.

2. Scanning


(Source: www.smekenseducation.com)

This act is very important. You should briefly scan from the beginning to the end to find out some phrases or special terms. There are many ways to read the whole page. The first one is to read in a crossing way, or follow the Z letter, which means reading the first and the last line, but quickly crossing the body. The second one is to follow the U letter, which means going down the page and re-read it upwards. By doing so, you can notice and find out some relevant information for your answers.

3. Remember to read the topic sentence first


(Source: blendspace.com)

Since we do not have enough time to read every single word in the text, remember to find the topic sentence, especially in the medium speed. It is often, but not always, the first line of a paragraph. Following is the common order:

Check the first sentence -> then the second sentence -> and then the last sentence.

4. Information around the keyword


(Source: socialtalent.co)

Choose the important keywords in the questions and then specify their location in the paragraph. Read the sentence with keywords to find out the answers. If you are done with the first position without any answer figured out, just keep continuing through the rest. However, you may not always find out the exact phrases as in the questions.

Here are some examples:

Question Phrase


Passage Phrase

May result


May result

Taken simultaneously


Taken at the same time

Damage to the body


Harm to bodily organse


Hope this is a useful post to you and wish you great improvement in the future!

Featured image source: hawaii.hawaii.edu

According to hocielts.vn

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