4 tricks to protect the eyes that computer users should know

If you are working with laptops/computers all day, your eyes will be blurred or exhausted and even hurt at the end of the day; sometimes you will have headaches. These symptoms are common in computer users nowadays and called computer vision syndrome. According to some records, about 60% of American population has these symptoms. The computer vision syndrome may occur not only to people who use computer all day but also to those who spend several hours looking at screens including mobile phones, tablets for TV screens. Time is the duration that a person spends on looking at the screen of computer, mobile, ipad and even television.

Fortunately, according to some experts, there are a few easy things that can help us reduce the risks of getting this syndrome when working without the screen nowadays. Following are 4 easy tricks that will improve the health of your eyes significantly for your eyes’ health:

Letter with big size: 

protect the eyes - big size letter

(Source: lh6.ggpht.com)


Looking at small text size will force your eyes to work hard and you will have high intention of getting closer to the screen. This results in many problems such as exhausted eyes, headaches, and some others. Increasing the size of those letters and the contrast level on the screen will make the display more visible for you.

Eye blinking:

protect the eyes - blinking

(Source: wallpaperama.com)

When looking at the screen, most of us forget to blink and consequently, our eyes will get dried time after time. It is not easy but we have to make blinking a habit when frequently spending time on computer. Using eyedrops is also a simple and convenient way to go against the eye drying status.

Screen adjustment:

protect the eyes - screen adjustment

(Source: cdn.osxdaily.com)

The shining light from the computer screen can exhaust your eyes and causing side-effects on your head and the nervous system. Adjust the screen light to reduce the shining level or you might also use the anti-glare film if you spend too much time on the computers.

20-20-20 principle:

protect the eyes - 20-20

(Source: drchadmorton.com)

After 20 minutes of working, you should take a break for about 20 seconds and look about 20 feet (approximately 6 meters) away. Your eyes have muscles helping them move and focus on something. But if we keep staring at the screen in the same distance for a long time, these muscles of your eyes will be less active, making it harder to adjust when we move them to other directions. 


Featured image source: morelandeyecare.com

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