5 common mistakes in English speaking

In this video, Alex from EngVid will show us 5 common mistakes in English speaking of new learners.

  1. Missing article: This is a common mistake of non-native speakers where they often forget to add an article in their sentences. They may say “I’m student” instead of “I’m a student”, for example. One thing for us to keep in mind: always put an article before a singular noun.
  2. “Agree” is a verb: Many newbies have a habit of using the sentence “I’m agree.” In this case, “agree” is used as a verb, so we don’t need the verb “to be.” The correct way is to say “I agree” or “I disagree.” In very formal situations, we can also use the phrase “I am in agreement.”
  3. Use of past tense: Sometimes English speakers uses the verb “to be” with another verb when they can’t form the past tense. For instance, they may say “I’m go” or “I’m see.” This is a serious mistake that we need to avoid. Remember to use the past form of the verb when we talk about the past, for example “I did” or “I saw.”
  4. Using negatives: Another common mistake is about using negative. People frequently say “He no have money” or “They no like chocolate.” So make sure you learn how to make negative sentences. If you want to make a sentence negative, you are going to add “don’t”, “doesn’t” or “didn’t” before the main verb.
  5. Word choice error: Some non-native speakers often use the verbs “meet” or “know” to talk about getting to know one place such as “I want to meet the city” or “I knew downtown.” In English, we don’t say this way. The proper words are “explore”, “visit”, “travel” or “get to know.” Correctly, we say “I want to explore the city” or “Yesterday, I travelled around the city.”

This video may be more for newbies than intermediate learners. However, don’t take those mistakes lightly. If we ignore simple things, they will become bad habits of ours without us realizing it. It is better for us to review if we are making any of those mistakes when we speak and try to fix it as soon as possible.

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Featured image source: linkedin.com

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q6YekNTwHA

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