7 simple steps for learning vocabulary

1. When learning vocabulary, it’s better to focus on phrases or words sorted by topics: Some popular topics might be food, travelling, traffic, etc. You can practice using them several times through listening and speaking.


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2. Take advantages of sounds and pictures to help you better memorize the words: This method has been applied for a long time and it seems to work well for learning vocabulary. For instance, you can link the word “beautiful” to the phrase “a beautiful flower”, which you like, for further imagination.

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3. Have a notebook to note down all of the English words and phrases: Avoid noting only the words, but try to use them in phrases or sentences. And do not forget to write down the pronunciation, which might help you a lot in speaking!


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4. Keep in mind all the related expressions to the word you are learning: For example, you can also add some more words such as door, floor, and room to your vocabulary when learning the word “house”.


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5. Do not forget to take a look over the word’s family: English often has some related groups of words. For example, dance which is the word you are studying is a verb and you should also learn its noun (dancer), gerund (dancing)…

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6. Use your new words: It is useless when you note down the new words and then forget them. The best way philologists stated for learning is: you should (1) carefully listen to its pronunciation, (2) re-pronounce that word out loud and make the sound sharp, (3) build one to two sentences with that word and practice them until you do not have to look at your note, (4) and so on, repeat those steps with other words.

7. After learning, you should spend time reviewing your new words: Doing all the steps above would not help if you refuse to review the lesson afterwards. Spending time re- learning vocabulary helps you remember them for a long time. There are many ways to practice such as re-reading your notes, using post-it reminders or listening to the words several times.


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