9 Reasons Why Students Must Develop Habit Of Goal Setting

9 Reasons Why Students Must Develop Habit Of Goal Setting

(Source: hr.tsu.edu)

Goal setting is undoubtedly the first step for every success. Especially during school/college days, it is highly beneficial for students to develop a habit of setting academic goals and achieving them through hard work and dedication. This way, students do not only maintain their focus on studies but also learn valuable strategy for future and practical life.

Among many other, following are a few reasons why the habit of goal setting is a valuable asset for any student whether in school or in college:

1. Confidence Building

Many students, especially during their adolescent years, lack confidence in their abilities. By setting goals for each aspect of their life, students can learn about their ability to complete all the tasks and can judge their own performance each time; be it academic, extra-curricular or personal.

2. Stretching Comfort Zone

Setting and achievement of goals involves risk, and therefore it helps a student in stretching limits of their comfort zone. For instance, if a student has set a goal of completing an assignment by morning, he will stay up and complete it even if the time exceeds his regular sleeping hours. This way, he will not only achieve the satisfaction of goal accomplishment but also realize his potential of working beyond his limits.

3. Time Management

Goal setting is important for learning time management. The best way to train oneself for time management is to allot time slots for completion of each and every goal. This way, students can easily learn how to organize themselves and how to utilize their time effectively.

4. Power Of Decision Making

If a student develops habit of setting goals for each of his tasks, he automatically acquires a strong power of decision making as well. By sorting out things and focusing on what is important for achievement of goals and what is not, students filter out unnecessary things from their routine. It also helps them to make decisions on regular basis without even realizing it.

5. Improve Academic Performance

The best way teachers can motivate students to learn better and improve their grades is to encourage them for setting learning goals. The very sense of pursuing goals builds interest of students and motivates them. It has been observed that students who set goals for exams score better than those who don’t.

6. Ability to form a vision

While promoting short-termed vision, goal setting helps students form long-term vision also. This way, students do not only perform better in their present but also develop an insight and ability to foresee possible results of their actions in personal, academic and future professional life.

7. Overcoming Procrastination

Many students find studies boring and procrastinate in completing their homework, assignments and essays. And one of the best ways to overcome procrastination is setting goals. Once a student starts considering his homework as a goal to achieve, it becomes a lot easier to get motivated and battle off boredom.

8. Develops Sense Of Accountability

Any person whether a student or not, fears judging their own abilities and skills. But when a person is trained for setting goals and achieving them, he automatically develops a habit of judging their performance at each and every step of his life.

9. Helps Improve Focus

When academic goals are set, a student automatically starts searching for ways to improve their focus for their achievement. Improvement of focus includes elimination of distracting factors like socializing, internet browsing and etc. for students. Once a student realizes the need of goal achievement, he makes sure to avoid all distractions and give all attention to his task only.

Basically, the key to long-term success is training oneself to set goals and being consistent enough to pursue and achieve them no matter how many hurdles are faced on the way. If only students realize how important and useful goal setting is for their life, they can find a million more reasons to adopt this habit without any issues.

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