About Us

Introducing Hope Speak

Hope Speak is a growing global social network for language learners where they can learn and practice new languages while learning about new cultures, building new relationships with new people all over the world and enjoying sharing hobbies.

Our aim is to create a language education environment where people can feel free to share their knowledge, to study new things, to help each other improve and get better chances to advance in their life. Besides, Hope Speak was developed to become a  useful social network that allows people to easily make friends with people all over the world.

Hope Speak was founded in 2014. Our team brings together both depth and breadth in an online educational product.

Contact information

Postal address:
Hope Speak Ltd,
10 -12 Street No 14, Chu Van An Area.
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam,

E-mail: [email protected]



Phone: +84-126-44-123-88

7:30 AM -7:00 PM UTC, Ho Chi Minh
Monday through Friday


You want to do something that people recognize like us. You want to create something that lasts generations; that is remembered for hundreds of years. You desire to inspire someone to see life as it really is, a gift and a pleasure, being to be grateful for. When you write for us means you write to change the world.

Hope Speak lets you save time and money for learning languages by chat with strangers and chat with random people you meet

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