“Arrive” and the prepositions – At, in or on?

English prepositions can be confusing, especially for starters. Most English learners admit that they have difficulty choosing the right preposition at least a few times during their learning process. In today’s video, Rebecca from EngVid will help us solve the problem by reviewing three common prepositions including at, in and on, and how to use them with the verb “Arrive.”

To talk about When we arrive somewhere:

  • At: The preposition “at” is used to indicate a particular period of time such as hours or minutes. Ex: at 10AM, at noon
  • On: “On” is used to describe one day or a specific date. Ex: on Monday, on January 25th
  • In:  If we want to refer to a longer period of time such as month, year or season, “in” is the right choice. Ex: In February, in summer
  • Without preposition: We also have a few exceptions in which we don’t use any of the three prepositions. Those exceptions include yesterday, last year, next week and etc.

To talk about Where we arrive:

  • At: “At” is used when we arrive at a specific place, for example an airport or a hotel. Ex: at Narita airport, at Sheraton hotel
  • In: If we are going to talk about a country or a town, we need to use “in”. Ex: In London, in Tokyo
  • Without preposition: In this case, “Home” is the only exception where we don’t have to use any preposition.

Comment: This is a useful video with clear and detailed explanation. Also, Rebecca keeps her speech at a relaxing speed with simple vocabularies so that it is easy to understand even for beginners. In addition, she includes some examples with the answer keys for us to practice what we have learned.

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Featured image source: pbs.twimg.com

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H7VpBwYPOE

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