Dead for getting a proposal from boyfriend??

Being over the moon for the proposal, Dimitruna Dimitrova, 29 years old lost the balance and fell off the cliff Cala Tarida in the Western coast of Ibiza (Spanish).

Cala Tarida Resort in the island Ibiza (Spanish) at the scene of accident.

The incident on 27th January made Dimitrina Dimitrova, 29 years old living at Bulgaria, dead for falling off the cliff after few seconds getting proposal from her boyfriend.

She came to Bulgaria two days before to visit her boyfriend working and look for a job at this resort. He surprisingly proposed, Dimitrova was over the moon then lost balance and fell off the cliff of 65f (about 20 meters) when both of them were in the famous area for watching sunset. It is said that the boyfriend tried his best to find the most beautiful place for proposing his girl. The police said that after falling, Dimitrova was still alive; however, she reached some heart attacks during the unconsciousness.

The boy tried his best to find the most beautiful place for proposing his girl.

This reminds the incident in August, a couple in Poland did fell of the cliff when trying to make selfie picture at a famous site for travelling at Cabo da Roca – Portugal. Two kids of the couple, one is 5 and one is 6, did witness the terrible scene. Both of them were in special treatment before coming back with their relatives.

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