English learning channels on YouTube

The videos on YouTube are not only for entertainment, it also can be very helpful for gaining information and knowledge. Let’s check out some YouTube channels that can help you in your English learning process.

British Council LearnEnglish 

This is the official YouTube channel of the British Council. It includes many professional videos with useful lessons various from grammar to conversation of real-life scenarios. You can also check out other sub-channels from British Council, which focus on the IELTS exams or English for kids.


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Jennifer's videos usually attach colorful slides and graphics to make your learning process more enjoyable. Her videos cover a wide variety of topics such as greeting, introducing yourself as well as useful expressions for certain situations. She keeps her speech at a slow and relaxing speed that is suitable for English beginning learners.

BBC Learn English

If you want to learn English in real-life situations, BBC Learn English Channel will make a perfect choice. There are many useful videos for everyday English as well as vocabulary collection for the words you hear from the news. Also, they have a series of videos that focuses on pronunciation with carefully instructions and examples. 


(Source: learnenglishdenver.com)

ESL Basics 

If you are looking for a solution for learning English vocabulary quickly, don't forget to check out the ESL Basics Channel. With many lessons on vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms and sayings, this channel can be very handy in improving your vocabulary.

Learn American English 

This channel includes daily English learning videos. The videos specifically focus on American English with lots of American phrasal verbs, idioms and slangs.


With 10 teachers and more than 700 practical videos, EnglishLessons4U is one of the best YouTube channels for English learners. When you check their site, you can choose which teacher you want to learn with. Every teacher emphasizes on different topics, has different accent and their own way of teaching.

The list above just contains a few of many channels. Don’t forget to check our other articles for more YouTube English learning channels and information.

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