Exploring the Taiwanese tourism

Taiwan is a beautiful island with wonderful sites and great weather. 


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The National Park Taroko contains some vertical rock cliff, valleys; beautiful and small streams. The most prominent thing here is the tunnel Nine Turns with the ever impressing sites. In the summer, this park is absolutely ideal for tourists to enjoy the great weather and fresh atmosphere. 


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The Memorial Ton Trung Son lies in the center of Taipei city. The structure here is inspired by an ancient palace in China. Nowadays, this Memorial has become a centre of society, education as well as a tour site for everyone in the world. 


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Banh Ho Island lies in the channel between Taiwan and China with tons of islands. The sea, blue sky, sandy coach and some pretty sites along the beach are some dominant characteristics for tourists in Banh Ho Island.


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The Taipei Palace Museum is the biggest and most valued museum of Taiwan with the royal collection of bronzes, jades, ceramics, calligraphy, coins and carvings,…

Besides, tourists can visit mountain Duong Minh, Kenting International Park, Alishan National Site, or Sun Moon Lake,v.v…

These famous sites mentioned above are just some recommended destinations for you to take a tour and we believe that you know more interesting places. Would you mind to share?

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