Flight Manners

Have you ever been on a plane and thought that having a flight does also need appropriate behaviors? Are you yourself a nuisance at the airport or on plane? These following notes might show you another aspect of being on plane. Let’s review it with Hope Speak for a better flight!

  1. You could see some conflicts since there are many standards or regulations for security listed on the board. It is common that you should put aside all of your metal and  electronic devices, and comply with the regulations as much as possible.
  2. You should stand in right with your children when using the automatic conveyor to leave enough space for the others.
  3. In plane, you might leave your handbag in the shelf stick to the plane floor and above your head. It could be a little bit uncomfortable but do not worry too much since it would stay right there until the plane lands. Just bring some of your essentials  within the flight time.
  4. Be friendly and nice to your “neighbors” and your fellows; do not be so shy except for the case they do not want to. Scroll down your window curtains, turn the lights off when your neighbors are sleeping and if possible, change your seat for your whole family to sit together. You should not watch films that may shock/bring your neighbor discomfort ( for example: 50 shades of grey, Saw, etc.)
  5. Be aware of some smelly food, those with much additives, onions, garlic and fast food such as hamburger, chips (in Vietnam, durian is not allowed on plane). You can have some junk food along with you such as candy, chocolate, beans… for cases of hunger. Besides, it would be better to avoid doing manicure or using strong perfume.


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  1. The electronic devices such as phone, laptop have to be turned off while the plane is taking off or landing. You should not think that these regulations are so shitty, since if you do not obey, your behaviors will probably affect the plane’s devices and endanger everyone’s lives including yours! Do not cause the flight attendant to give you any alert.


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  1. Parents should remind their children not to lean their feet on the back of the front seat, put their hands on the gaps between seats, or yelling… to annoy the others. If you are annoyed by children, should leave a polite comment to their parents, but you’ve got to do nothing when babies are crying. The best solution is to equip yourself with earplugs


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  1. Do not get too excited and clap your hands when the plane lands.
  2. Stay still at your seat even when the plane officially stops at the gate despite your urge to stand up, get your suitcase and leave when the plane just lands, you would not be able to go anywhere until the plane door opens and there are tons of people who have the same intention as you.  Whenever the plane does not completely stops, the engine is not off, you would probably fall down.
  3. After many hours of sitting, everyone wants to get off the plane quickly. Do not try hard to get over the others in the crowd surrounding to get their suitcases. They are also waiting.

Hope you will have a better flight in the coming time!

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