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I am sure lots of you love the country with romantic capital Paris. And have you ever wondered how their cuisine etiquette is like? If you have not and have got the feeling of anxiety right now, do not panic, I am telling what you should know about French cuisine.

Like most of the cuisine around the world, the French has a dinning habit of 3 meals per day. Breakfast (Petit déjeuner) in France starts around 7 – 8 am including coffee, cappuchino or chocolate, a slice of bread with butter or croissant. Along with the breakfast, lunch and dinner are also the main dishes in a day.


Lunch (déjeuner) in France often starts at 11 – 13 pm. It used to be that main meals of a family contained 3-4 dishes but due to busy life, workers, students or pupils often have lunch at canteen or some small stores near the workplace.


Their dinner (diner) starts at 19 – 20 pm. During the meal, telling to each other some jokes after a hardworking day is an essential habit (also known as Souper). The menu for French dinner includes soup, main dishes such as eggs, fish, meat, vegetable (sometimes salad), cheese, dessert (fruit, cakes or even ice cream), coffee or tea.


Besides, each region has its own specialty such as Boeuf mode (thịt bò mốt) in Paris and Ile –France, Coq au vin originally in Auvergne,… The popular traditional dish is beef – stake named Bifteck frites. It was said that De Castries was arrested in Dien Bien Phu and when he was released back to France, the first meal he ordered was Bifteck frites.

On the other hand, there are also some other meals such as junk meal (Casse- croute) at 9, often for students, workers and farmers with some bread, sausage and snack at 16 – 17. Children usually have bread, chocolate and adults ask each other for tea, toasted bread or bread with stuffed meat.

One important thing characterized in French meal is that wine is indispensable in the meal but which kind of meal is the main factor to make decision on the appropriate wine. Each kind of wine is an art and the meal without the wine is like the one without the taste.


In such a short article like this, it is clearly hard for me to generalize the entire picture of French characteristics on dinning. Nevertheless, I am sure what is just mentioned above provides you a quite enough information of how French Dinning stands out from the others. Hope you have a good time with Hopespeak!

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