Happy International Women’s Day

We all know about the International Women’s Day. But do you really know why this day is so important? Here are the meanings of this beautiful occasion.


The day is for you to show your beloved women how much you appreciate their presence in your life. It gives you a chance to express gratitude to your mother and your grandma – for raising you up, your sisters and your friends – for being with you and adding the color to your life; it also reminds you to say thanks to your loved one who chooses you, stays by your side and mothers your kids.


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International Women’s Day is an unofficial Valentine’s Day. It is a perfect occasion to express your love for your women. After saying “Thank you,” don’t forget to say the three magical words “I Love You.” Your sweet words will very much brighten their day.


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Let’s make the International Women’s Day becomes of the happiest and most unforgettable day for your women. When you come home from work, bring with you bouquets, cakes, or some small gifts that you know can put a smile on your women’s faces. Little gifts can create great happiness. 

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What owns the most important place in a woman’s heart? Her family. So, ask your dad, you brothers or your son(s) to help you make a day for the women of the family. Having a small home party will be a good choice. Not only does it make the women happy, it also strengthens the bond in your family.

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To all women around the World: each of you is amazing. We – Hope Speak – wish you a wonderful International Women’s Day! May you receive appreciation and love from your family, and may happiness flows through every single day of your life.

Happy International Women’s Day – From Hope Speak with love and appreciation!

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