Horrible Lessons From Cinderella

Since our childhood, Cinderella has always been a beautiful fairy tale with great meanings. However, it is not that we agree with everything the story taught us. There are some serious issues that are just too wrong.

Resign yourself to fate

What do you see in Cinderella? A strong and beautiful young girl, or a coward who is fine with being a pushover? She does not ever stand up and fight for herself, or run away to find a better life. Cinderella, with all her youth, beauty and abilities, resigns herself to her cruel fate, totally being submissive to her stepmother and stepsisters. Is it how we should live in life?


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Depend on others and wait for magic to happen

Whenever Cinderella is in trouble, all she does is cry, sit in the dark and wait for someone to come and rescue her: a fairy godmother, a prince charming, or even mice. So, what can we learn from her life? The greatest way to solve all the troubles: relying on the others and waiting for magic to happen. 


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Stepchildren (or stepsiblings) will be maltreated

After her father passed away, Cinderella is terribly treated because she is a stepdaughter, who is not related to other family members, as we can see in the story. It is definitely not a very nice message to children who may be going through similar situations.


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Love is for nice clothes, not for who you are?

Why does Cinderella have to run away when midnight comes? In fact, she can stay and show the Prince who she actually is. Is she afraid that the Prince she falls in love with would reject her because of her poor appearance? What is the lesson here? Do not hope to find your true love if you do not have a gorgeous look and nice expensive clothes.


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Love at first sight and how to choose your wife

Is it believable that you fall deeply in love with someone within five minutes after meeting her or him? Our Prince Charming falls in love with the beautiful Cinderella, a stranger he has just met, right at first sight without knowing anything about her identity or personality. In addition, he attempts to choose his future wife, who will be the future queen of the kingdom, thanks to a shoe. A shoe! Are you serious? How clever you are Mr. Prince Charming!


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Anyways, Disney’s just released a new Cinderella movie this March. Why don’t you give it a try and tell us your opinion? We’re sure the 2015’s Cinderella will give you some worthy thoughts!

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