How to say goodbye in Japanese

We all know that “Sayounara” (さようなら ) means “goodbye” in Japanese, right? Yet, we may not know that native people do not go around and say “Sayounara” all the time. In this site, we will introduce you some useful phrases that are commonly used by Japanese people to say their goodbye.


Itte kimasu (いってきます)  –  I’m leaving home

This phrase literally means “go and come back.” When someone leaves his own house, he uses “Itte kimasu” instead of “Sayounara”.  And the response by the people remaining in the house is “Itte rashai”( いってらっしゃい), which also means “go and come back.”

Soredewa mata (それでは、また) – See you later.

This phrase is the same as the phrase “See you again” in English. You can also use other phrase with respect to the specific time you will meet the person again, for example: “Mata ashita” (またあした) which means “see you tomorrow”, or “Mata Raishu” (またらいしゅう) which means “See you next week.”

Jaa ne (じゃあね) – See you

This phrase is a more casual way to say “see you” and is commonly used between friends. Or you can use the phrase “Mata ne” (またね) which has the same meaning.

Genki de (げんきで) – Take care/ All the best

You use “Genki de” when talking with someone that you won’t be able to see them for a long time.

Odaiji ni (おだいじに) – Get well soon

This phrase is specifically used when you visit someone who is sick, and it means you wish him to get well soon.

Bai bai (バイバイ) – Bye bye

Now that English has become more popular, you can simply say “Bye bye”. However, this phrase can sound a little bit feminine, so you should use it carefully if you are a guy.


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