I know I’m in love

I know I’m in love when …

… I wake up every morning and you are the first thing appearing in my mind.

… I go to bed after a tired day and you are the last person I think of before falling asleep.

… the Sun suddenly seems too dull every time you smile.

… I am no longer interested in travelling around the World because I have already found my own World – you.

… I keep smiling at our chat on the phone even it’s just some silly messages.

… I see your name on my phone screen and my heart skips a beat.

… I know the sweetest taste in the World – the taste of your lips on mine.


… sex is not just for sexual satisfaction. I love to be with you, to cuddle, to fall asleep with your arms around me, and to see you smile at me the next morning, so I know everything is not just a dream.

… when I know how slow time goes and how lonely it feels without you around.

… when we are walking around the town with your hand in mine, and all I wish for is to hold your hand for the rest of my life. 


… when I see an old couple together and I wish that would be our future.

… when I realize that you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happen in my life.

And I know this will be the happiest feeling I have ever had when you say “I love you too.”

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