How to improve your listening skill?

It is believed that listening comprehension is probably the most difficult skill for almost all English learners. Many people say that they can read effectively and communicate fluently, yet their listening skill is still a huge problem in their learning process. In this site, we will provide you some tips to perfect your listening ability.

Learn the pronunciation

Many people believe that the pronunciation is only necessary for speaking. In fact, knowing how to pronounce the vocabularies correctly allows learners to recognize those words in the listening easier. Thus, they can listen to the English speakers better.

When learning a new vocabulary, you should check the pronunciation in the dictionary. You can use your smartphones, computers or electronic dictionaries to hear how a native speaker pronounces the word and repeat it many times. By this way, you will remember the pronunciation, and you can recognize the word easily the next time you hear it.

Practice makes perfect

The best way to improve your listening skill is to practice regularly. Every day, you should spend some of your time on listening to audio in English. Nowadays, thanks to the advent of technology, you can find good English listening materials easily on the Internet. There are many listening practices with various topics, and you can choose any topic you like. It not only helps you to improve your listening skill, but it also gives you more knowledge about the topic. Moreover, if you find the audio boring, you can enjoy music or movies in English. By that way, you can relax, have fun and improve your English at the same time.

Being an active listener

One thing you should keep in mind is that you should not just listen to the English audio only one time. In fact, you should listen it again and try to figure out things that you could not hear at the first time. After that, you can read the script to see how much you can listen and to have better understanding of the listening. 

While reading the script, you should note down sentences or words that you could not realize, and then you can replay the listening until you can hear them clearly. Moreover, you should learn new vocabularies in the script, so you will not get stuck with them next time.

We hope that those tips above can help you to improve your listening comprehension. Listening requires a lot of practice and patience, so you should work on it step by step. Little things that are done regularly will make bigger things happen. Let’s keep calm and perfect your listening skill.

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