Movies for your Lunar New Year in Vietnam

To those people who celebrate your Lunar New Year in Vietnam, how about trying some Vietnamese Tet movies?  Those movies are usually comedy movies that make good choices either for you to enjoy by yourself or your loved ones.

Ngay nay ngay nay (The Lost Dragod)

Dan Nuong and Tieu Duyen – two young beautiful fairies, are on their first mission in the human world. While trying to adapt to the human world, the two fairies get themselves in awkward situations and mess up the whole World by causing the tons of troubles. Ngay nay ngay nay brings you not only a pleasant laugh but also many meaningful lessons about friendship as well as love and finding your true self.

Trung so

Tu has just finished his sentence in jail. He goes back to his hometown and tries to readapt to the society. As a twist of fate, he wins the ticket lottery at the special prize. The news spreads to his entire small hometown and causes many complicated troubles. If you are looking for a comedy movie about the countryside of Vietnam, don’t hesitate to book a ticket and enjoy Trung so.

Quy tu bat dac di

Mr. Minh and Mrs. Mui are an old couple having a life-long love. The wish of their life is to find their 18–years-lost child. But Man proposes, God disposes. One day, fate brings them a crazily generous amount of money. The rumor soon spreads, and tricky people try to disguise themselves as the couple’s child to get their share of the money. Quy tu bat dac di is a humor movie that emphasizes the lesson about family love and honesty.

Sieu nhan X

In the beautiful Ho Chi Minh City, there is a dangerous gang that threatens the peace and safety of the citizens. However, there is also a superhero called Sieu nhan X to stand against them and save the day. Sieu nhan X has to fight in the battle with the evil force, yet he also has to deal with his everyday life as the first homosexual superhero. What will be his choice? To become a superman that fight for justice or to give up everything and follow his own dream? What can he do to be the best of both worlds?

Now let’s get to the theaters and enjoy the movies. Feel free to send us your reviews for the movies. We are waiting for you!

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