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English commonly used slang

Have you ever heard your English native speaking friends saying some strange words that you cannot look them up in the dictionary? Well, it is when they are using slang – the real-life everyday...

Rules for writing numbers

Rules for writing numbers

One of the most confusing issues in writing is how to represent a number properly. Understanding the problem, we will provide you with some basic rules for writing numbers. You can either put it...

10 common color-relating idioms

10 common color-relating idioms

It is time to add some “colors” to your English learning process. Check out the color-relating idioms below and make your learning time more vibrant than ever. To blackmail someone (verb) To pressure someone...

Father's Day

Touching videos for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming. Today article will be a special one about father’s love. Check out two tear-jerking videos below about the stories of single Dads. My Dad is a Liar – MetLife A...

5 common mistakes in English speaking 

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5 common mistakes in English speaking

In this video, Alex from EngVid will show us 5 common mistakes in English speaking of new learners. Missing article: This is a common mistake of non-native speakers where they often forget to add an...

Arrive prepositions

“Arrive” and the prepositions – At, in or on?

English prepositions can be confusing, especially for starters. Most English learners admit that they have difficulty choosing the right preposition at least a few times during their learning process. In today’s video, Rebecca from...