Showing affection without saying I Love You

No matter how long a couple has been together, it always seems hard to say “I Love You” directly to each other. For some reasons, if they keep saying the three words too often, it feels as though the words would lose their magic – thus becoming boring and clichéd. In fact, when we think about it, there are many different ways to show affection in a relationship without saying I Love You.

Hug her

A long bear hug can make her the feel loved and secured. When she is in his strong arms, hearing his calm heartbeat and feeling his warmth, nothing in the world matters. At that moment, she will understand thousands of unspoken words from the bottom of his heart.

Without saying I Love You - Hug


Squeeze her hand

It is said that how tight one person holds his lover’s hand can show how much he loves her. A squeeze when holding her hand is a promise that she doesn’t have to face the world alone; he is there for her even in the hardest time of her life. Also, holding and gently squeezing her hand in public are a way to let her see how much he treasures her presence and is proud to have her by his side. 

Without saying I Love You - Squeeze hands


Text her

There are many hidden meanings behind a simple text. A morning text doesn’t only mean “good morning”; it means she is the first thing comes to his mind when he wakes up. A goodnight text means she is the last thing he thinks of before going to bed, and a random text tells her that despite his intensive schedule, he still has enough time to miss her.


This may sound cliché, but it actually works. A woman usually takes a lot of time just to make her man happy: choosing a nice dress for their date or preparing a home-made meal with his favorite dishes. Thus, compliments from her beloved let her know that he appreciates and treasures her effort.

Ordering her favorite food/ drinks when eating out

A simple gesture indicates a meaningful message behind. It shows how much he cares for her to notice even the littlest things and remember even the smallest details about her. Also, it means that he makes an effort in their relationship – trying to impress her and making her happy.

Without saying I Love You - Ordering food



Love is all around us. There are a million ways to say “I Love You”, and all we need to do is to listen. Why don’t you share with us your stories about how you let your partner know you love them without saying the three words. We Hope to hear you Speak!


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