Surprising ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be on next Sunday. Have you had any ideas to surprise your Mom? Let’s check out some suggestions from Hope Speak for a perfect Mom’s Day.

A montage album

An album with all the photos of your family on different occasions will make a lovely gift for your Mom on Mother’s Day. As in, you can use a DIY scrapbook and decorate it by yourself. When giving your Mom the present, you can spend the night with your family reminiscing about the memories in each photo. It will sure be the most meaningful night to remember.

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A homemade meal

Mom has always been the main chef of your family. Why don’t you take her role on this special occasion and cook a homemade meal with her favorite dishes? Don’t worry if you are not good at cooking. In a Mom’s heart, not even the dishes at the most expensive restaurant can be as delicious as ones cooked by her beloved kids.

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A gift that she has been looking for

Is there a dress that your Mom always looks at every time she goes by a boutique? Has she ever talked about how much she loves to have a new blender? Make her wish come true by bringing home the gift that she has been looking for. It will touch her heart not only because of her wanted gift, but it is also because of how much her children care for her to notice the littlest things.

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A surprise family reunion

What owns the most important place in a woman’s heart? Her family. Thus, a family-related gift will be the most wonderful gift for every Mom in this World. If you and your siblings live far from home, a family reunion will be a great idea. Gather all your siblings and give your Mom a surprise. A cozy family reunion on Mother’s Day will surely warm Mom’s heart.

Ideas for Mothers'Day -Family reunion


A Facebook post

If your Mom has a Facebook account, how about making all her Facebook friends envy?  Post on her wall a picture of her happy family with a message saying how awesome she is and how thankful you are to have her as your Mom. Maybe, you can make a video of you saying that wish or singing a song for her. Keep it a secret until Mom logs in her account and sees what is awaiting her. A simple surprise can create a great happiness.

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Hope Speak wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day with your Mom and family. Don’t forget to share with us some unforgettable memories on Mom’s day. We’d love to hear from you!

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