Taiwanese Culture

Taiwan is an island at Asian Region located in the southeast of China, the south of Japan and the north of Philippines. Today Taiwan is going to be our main topic, especially its culture. Following are some cultural characteristics Hope Speak has found out:

1. Is a mixture of many flows of culture, tight combination of characteristics from Chinese ancient tradition, which is the origin of almost the current citizens such as Japanese culture, Confucius region and some adapted customs from the Western countries.

2. After moving to Taiwan, National Party set some official customs of Chinese traditional culture into Taiwan. The authority has held some programs of calligraphy, tradition art and Chinese opera.

3. Since the localization policy was applied in 1990s, the Taiwanese characteristics have been displayed more clearly. Political feature, along with more than one hundred year separation from China has made the culture more and more different in some aspects such as cuisine and music.

4. The status of Taiwanese culture is being an issue of the debate. People are confused to range the Taiwanese culture as a local one of Chinese culture or a separated one.

5. One of the biggest attraction in Taiwan is National Palace Museum, which restores 650.000 precious things such as bronzes, jades, calligraphy, etc. and Chinese ceramics is considered one of the biggest collection of art and Chinese articles of virtu in the world. National Party has moved this collection from Tu Cam Thanh in Beijing in 1949 when they ran to Taiwan. This collection has covered up to 1/10 the culture storage of China. China has claimed that this collection was stolen and it belonged to China legally, but in fact, Taiwan is the one who protected the collection from destruction if it had been remained in China. 


(Source: holiday.com.tw)

6. Karaoke, a form of entertainment of Japanese culture, is very popular in Taiwan and it is called KTV here. The KTV business is run in the same way as the one of hotels, divided into several rooms and the dance room would be appropriate for some guests in the group. The cooperation between KTV and restaurants, bars is so strong for the arrangement of full services to many families, friends or businessmen.

Featured image source: ingeniosus.net

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