The art of writing an English essay

Being good at writing an English essay is essential for anyone who wishes to perfect their English skills in overall. In the essay, you will present your point of view or opinion on a certain issue. The problem is, writing an attractive and convincing essay is not an easy task.

A common essay consists of three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. There should be at least five passages, one for introduction, one for conclusion and three for body. In the logical order, the introduction is always for introducing the topic you want to discuss; following the first part are the supporting ideas which elaborate what you have just presented. The conclusion is the re-statement of your opinion. Essay does play a big role in both your daily life and academic researches. Working on your thesis or writing an English essay is like an art – it trains your mind. And just like any other forms of art, the essay has its own basic regulations:

1. The introduction:

This is the first passage in your essay and it has to meet at least one of the following criteria:

Firstly, it has to be appealing to the readers: Your essay will be more interesting if it starts with a hooking statement. Try to avoid the text with some typical boring sentences such as:

  •  In this essay I will explain why Rosa Parks was an important figure.

It should be tastier, like this:

  •  A Michigan museum recently paid $492.000 for an old, dilapidated bus from Montgomery, Alabama. 

The second sentence is more intriguing: why such an old bus costs so high? Thus readers are more likely to read on to find out the answer.

Secondly, it has to be coherent. The next sentence in the introduction had better explain for the first one and prepare for your essay’s topic sentence.

For example:

  • The old yellow bus was reported to be the very one that sparked the civil rights movement, when a young woman named Rosa Parks…

Then, you get to clearly show your opinion in the topic sentence. For example:

  •  In refusing to surrender her seat to a white man, Rosa Parks inspired a courageous freedom movement that lives on, even today.


2.The body:

The body of an essay has at least three passages, and each needs to present one idea supporting the main argument. You had better display your point, and then provide some illustrations, figures, or examples.

If your main idea is:

  • It took incredible courage for an African American woman to make such a bold stance in 1955 Alabama.

The supporting ideas could be:

  • This act took place in an era when Africa Americans could be arrested and face severe retribution for committing the most trivial acts of defiance.

In addition, you can use some other ideas for supporting your main flow; after that, you can demonstrate by giving some statistics, charts. But for whatever you use, you ought to remember to use the linking words for connecting your passages such as moreover, in fact, on the whole, furthermore, as a result, for this reason, similarly, likewise, its follows that, naturally, by comparison, surely, yet…


3.The conclusion:

The last passage will sum up all the things you have mentioned and re-state your opinion. It is good to reclaim your point of view but unnecessary to mention figures and examples in this part.

After finishing your essay, you should review the topic sentence and proofread whether what you have mentioned is tightly linked to it or not. If there is any idea which is not deeply involved in the passage, though it is really good, do not hesitate to replace it with a more appropriate idea. Make sure that there is a connection among the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

Writing an English essay is an art that needs lots of practice to perfect, so do not worry if you cannot get it right the first time! Keep writing and don’t forget to visit Hope Speak often for more cool lessons!

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