The dress: the new Internet “quake”

Hottest new of the week: "the dress" is creating an "Internet quake"(*) on social media!! Can you believe it?

After its first appearance on Tumblr, where its owners asked for help to classify whether the dress is in white and gold or black and blue, the photo of "the dress" immediately spreads to all the Internet. Within a few hours, "the dress" has become the hottest topic, creating a huge debate and even making some minor fights.

photo of the dress on


Hundreds of polls and discussions have been conducted, and even our superstar Taylor Swift gets involved in the discussion where she claimed "the dress" is OBVIOUSLY black and blue.The list of celebrities who got confused by this dress has kept adding up with names such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Lucy Hale.

There are various explanations for this phenomenon. One explanation from Business Insider is about the colors to which our eyes are sensitive. This has been proven to be true as different people, when looking at the same picture from the same device, perceive the dress in a different light. Another explanation from the website is about the way in which the photo of the dress was taken, which can very much alter its true colors.

Although the answer has finally come out to the light: the dress is in fact a BLACK AND BLUE dress with the price of 50$, the debate keeps going on as people have already divided themselves into #teamblackandblue and #teamwhiteandgold


What an amazing dress, isn’t it? So, what are your ideas on the dress? Which colors did you see? Gold and white, or black and blue?

(*) Internet quake: an "earthquake" on the Internet


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