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Online free IQ Test (intelligence quotient test) is often used to measure IQ score, this score is said to be related to the success of people in areas of life, work, learning…

Usually to assess the level of sensitivity, the ability to process and analyze information, human’s thought, scientists came up with Intelligent Quotient tests, tests and quizzes to analyze in depth, this is considered to be the most popular IQ checking method currently.

With the aim to assess the ability to analyze, calculate as well as process image, information, provide final answers to questions, most of the current online IQ Tests have the same way to accomplish so that users can take it easier.

Built on the basis of standard international Intelligent Quotient Tests with high reliability and precision, the free IQ Test by Alpha High IQ Organization includes a lot of questions with predefined duration. You will have to think hard and analyze to provide answers quickly and most accurately.

A standard Vietnamese Intelligent Quotient Test will have 100% image content, this ensures fairness and more convenient implementation for both knowledge and culture. As long as you know words, you can easily complete the test without worry.

Based on test results, scientists came up with an online IQ test score categories table and evaluated relative rates including the following categories:

  • IQ score below 85 is classified as low (16% rate)
  • IQ score from 85-115 are mediocre (68% rate)
  • IQ score between 115-130 kind of intelligence (14% rate)
  • IQ score from 130-145 being very smart (rate 2%)
  • IQ score from 145 or above, you are sure to be a genius or close-to-genius (very small rate of 0.1%)

IQ Test Score

So you own a normal or genius intelligence? Are you in the top 2% of the world population? Let’s find the answer yourself here!

If you want to test your IQ most accurately, what are you waiting for, let’s find your answer by taking the free IQ Test now. We wish you success with the conundrum and find out your IQ score.

Note: If your free IQ test result is higher than 130, we would be honored to invite you to join the Alpha High IQ Society

Test your IQ here: IQ Test

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