Tips to boost your reading performance this year

Reading is one of the most beneficial activities in the human life. The more you read the better. In this article, Hope Speak will provide you with some tips to help you become more productive in reading this year. With these tips, you will find yourself reading faster and more efficiently than ever.

Don’t put pressure on yourself

It is good that one can build up a habit of reading around 20 pages per day. However, it is not recommended to force yourself to read thousands of pages in one night unless you are a student preparing for your upcoming exam (or you are reading such a good book that you can’t put it down.) Also, if there are days when you are already exhausted from your hectic working schedule, it would be better to forget about the reading task and take some nice rest. With that worn out brain of yours, reading can’t gain you anything but more tiresome.

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Skip pages

You are reading a book that you enjoy every page of it; however, you run into a chapter or a page, even a paragraph that you don’t feel like reading at all. In this case, it is better to just skip it and move on. One should not feel guilty about skipping: you just free up your time to focus on interesting parts of the book.

Give up on books that you don’t enjoy reading

Even though you have carefully selected a book that is aligned with your reading purpose and interest, after a few chapters, it may turn out not as enjoyable as you think it would be. In this situation, feel free to give it up! Firstly, it keeps you from losing interest in reading. Remember that reading should not become a suffering? Also, giving up will spare you some time for other books. It is not that you are a quitter; you are just being efficient in time management.

Find a reading partner

Having someone to share your thoughts with after reading will be a great motivation. Don’t be shy to ask you friends or your family members to become your reading partners. You guys can review books that you have read or recommend books for each other. Additionally, you can join Hope Speak to connect with foreign reading partners from all over the world. Imagine: what could be better than sharing your opinions and listening to various views of people from different cultures while improving your foreign language skills? Let join us and share your thoughts!

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So, what are you waiting for? Try to apply the tips above to your reading ritual and see if you can meet your reading goal this year (or even get more than that.) If you have any other tips on boosting your reading performance, feel free to share with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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