Top 5 universities in Taipei, Taiwan

1. National Taipei University (NTPU) 

NTPU is originally named The Institute of Economics and Law of Taiwan Province in 1949 aiming at educating and training many experts in the aspects of law and business of the country. In 2000, NTPU was re-constructed and re-arranged according to the policy of the National University Chung-Hsin. In 2010, NTPU eventually completed the project of resettlement, moving 6 institutes from the center of Taipei and the present center San-Shia is at the northwest. Over the past decades, the original NTPU has played a big role in contributing to education and improvement of the talented in the fields such as law, business, public administration as well as social science. There are two main campuses, one in Taipei and one in San-Shia.


2. Chinese Culture University (CCU)

The Chinese Culture University was established in 1962. During 5 years of operation as an educational organization, CCU has gained some stable experiences, played a big professional role among the top universities in Taiwan.  Up to 2010, CCU is proud of its 12 institutes with 59 undergraduate, 41 master and 11 PhD programs.

CCU has established the PhD program for international students aiming at providing the course with entire English utilization since 2010. During the academic year 2012, the program will be expanded up to 13 majors, including Business Administration, Finance and Banking, Tourism Administration, International Business, Information Management, Accounting, Journalism, Biotechnology, etc.


3. National Taipei University of Education (NTUE)

NTUE was founded 110 years ago with a thick background of education. NTUE is a trustworthy and qualified educational institute at Taipei, Taiwan. It contributes much to the improvement of Taiwanese education and NTUE also pay much attention to academic researches, which is highly evaluated by the Ministry of Education and Training in Taiwan. Supported by the team of qualified and experienced teachers, students are always satisfied with the lectures and they get the stable job all the time after graduation. There are many fields and majors at NTUE such as education, arts, music, science and teaching Chinese. These aspects in NTUE are divided into 3 schools and a center of Chinese. 


4. Tamkang University

Founded in 1950, Tamkang University is the oldest private one in Taiwan. Has been through ups and downs as well as the non-stopped improving, Tamkang University has become well-known for its international vision and achievements on positive and effective research activities along with the great quality of teaching. The majors at Tamkang University are society – human science, business administration, language – literature, physicl education, IT,…


5. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

This university was founded in 1946 and its name was changed into NTNU in 1967 but the quality of education and training is still assured. Via the establishment of Teacher Law in 1994, NTNU expanded its scale and continuously improve the international corporation in any forms which are appropriate and always welcome the international exchanged students in Taiwan. NTNU has set a wide relationship with 138 famous organizations located in all four continents: Europe, Asia, America and Australia.


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