Useful English idioms that make you sound like a native speaker

Do you want to sound like a native English speaker? Trying to use more idioms in your English can help it sound more natural! Here’s a list of some idioms and sayings that are commonly used in everyday English conversations. We include the idioms and their meaning as well as their example.

All of a sudden:  suddenly

She storms into my house all of a sudden.

As to: with regard to

We are put into difference classes as to our English ability.

All along: from the beginning

Do you think he has been cheating us all along?

Come up with (something): to find out an idea or an answer

I finally come up with the topic for my final assignment.


So far: until now

So far, she hasn’t been able to forget about her first love.

With respect to (something): about something

There is another question with respect to the company’s plan for the next year.

Sort of: almost, quite

“Have you finished your homework for the summer break?”

"Sort of, but not really."

Back and forth:  from one place to another place and then back again.

He travels back and forth between New York and California.


Ok, that is it for today. Don’t forget to check our blog site for more useful English idioms and sayings. 

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