Useful websites for ESL students

Nowadays, more and more people would rather study English by themselves than go to English teaching centers. In order to support all of you who are ESL students, we will introduce some useful websites for your learning process. Let’s check ‘em out!

1. BBC Learning English 

This is a rich English resource for ESL students from the famous BBC. With many activities involving various topics, BBC Learning English is one of the most recommended sites for English learners. One special feature of this site is the Pronunciation videos. For each sound, BBC provides us with a video on how to create the sound, examples and how to distinguish it from similar sounds.


2. Study English 

If you are training for the IELTS exam, Study English is definitely for you. This site provides helpful grammar lessons and IELTS tips through videos in various fields: from finance, sports to science. There are 3 series with 26 episodes each; and for each episode, you can download its transcripts, study notes and activities.

3. British Council 

What can be more helpful than the learning site of the official holder of the IELTS test? There are many useful lessons on this site, for example: vocabulary and grammar, English for business and work, and especially IELTS. They also provide games and quizzes so that you can test your improvement during your learning process.

4. Many things

As the name speaks for itself, this site has Many Things for ESL students: vocabulary, grammar, tongue twisters and crossword, even poems. Some minuses are that the interface is quite simple, and it is difficult to pick the lessons you need. However, the content of each lesson is very practical and valuable.

5. All English Skill 

AES is another great site for ESL students. Like Many things, its design is quite sketchy, yet the content is priceless. This site is a huge resource with several English materials such as English podcasts and magazines, involving various aspects such as business English and pronunciation. The site is not really popular yet, but you may want to give it a try.

Let’s check these sites out and tell us your opinion! Also, if you have any other suggestions, don’t forget to share with us. We’d love to hear from you!

6. Language Box is a study platform for English Language Learners with a focus on two main areas of learning – General English and Business English. The courses can be taken on desktops, laptops and also Android and iOS devices. General English package includes 5 levels of study from Beginner to Upper Intermediate while the Business English package contains 4 business English levels – Pre-intermediate to Advanced. Each of the courses are formed of 10 broad units with 3-4 lessons within each unit (except Beginner level – 2 lessons). The basis is the video lesson which is recorded by a native English Teacher. The follow-up lessons (self-study) widen the focus of the video lesson and add some new vocabulary through additional reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar exercises. In addition, students have access to a Test generator to get additional practice, static grammar section and integrated Macmillan Dictionary. Upon completion of each level students may generate an electronic certificate for this particular level. 

Language Box



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