What you need to know about White Day

We definitely all know about Valentine’s Day, but how about White Day (or White Valentine)? What makes it different from the original Valentine’s Day? Take a look at the article below and you’ll see.

Origins and celebration

Valentine’s Day was established by Pope Gelasius in AD 496 to honor Saint Valentine, and nowadays, the V-Day has been celebrated in many countries around the World on March 14th as the day of Love. On the other hand, White Day is a more recent occasion, which was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association of Japan. After being first celebrated in Japan in 1978, the event has now spread to other neighbor countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and China, where it occurs on March 14th – one month after the Valentine’s Day.

The one who send the chocolate

On Valentine’s Day in countries that do not celebrate White Day, both women and men send chocolate, gifts or love cards to their beloveds, as an expression of their love for the other one. Distinctively, in the countries where White Day is celebrated, mostly women send chocolate and gifts for the object of their affection on V-Day. And on White Day, with the meaning of the “Answer day”, it’s time for the gentlemen to take the lead. On this day, men will return the favor to the women who sent them presents on V-Day by giving them gifts or chocolate, which are expected to be more valuable than the ones they received.


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The main theme color

While the main theme color of Valentine’s Day is red, it is white for White Day, as the name speaks for itself. The original gifts of White Day were usually white chocolate or sweets colored in white: marshmallows, for example. These days, although the gifts for White Day vary from jewelry or accessories to clothing, lingerie even, people still tend to choose white as the main color of their gifts. 


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Comparison Chart


Valentine’s Day

White Day


February 14th

March 14th

First celebration

AD 496



Most countries around the World

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China

Who send the gifts

Both women and men


Main color







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