Why should you keep using handwriting note in this technology World?

Is handwriting actual matter in modern World, where the high – tech devices allow us to take note faster with nice formatting? Actually, we can benefit a lot from handwriting. Here are some main reasons why you should consider writing by hands when surrounding by high-tech devices.

It’s better for learning.

Do you know that your brain works harder when you write on paper. Studies have shown that handwriting active the RAS (Reticular Activating System) in your brain. Thus, your brain will put more importance on the stuff that you are working on. Moreover, when taking note by hands, you have to get the key information, summarize them and shorten them by using your own words since you obviously cannot write as fast as people speaking. With that, it helps to improve both your short-term and long-term memory because the content has been translated into your own words and flow in your brain. In contrast, when taking note on your laptop, your brain doesn’t need to work much because your typing speed allows you to type down every information you get without really let them sink into your brain.


It keeps you away from the distractions on your laptop

Being always full of distraction, your high-tech devices doesn’t help you to focus in the classroom or meetings. Have you ever noticed how much time you waste on answering chat message, browsing webs or wondering around social networks. These activities take not only lots of your time but also your concentration and your energy. On the other hand, when you write with your hands, you cannot do much with only pens and paper.


It helps to develop your skills.

You may not notice but handwriting actually helps to improve your skills in many ways. As mentioned above, when you write, your brain has to work hard to get the key information and summarize them, since you cannot write down anything you hear. Day by day, your skills and abilities of comprehension, identifying the crucial information, summarizing will become better before you can realize. Also, writing by hands can make you a better writer. A study in 2009 of the University of Washington indicates that elementary students who use handwriting can write longer essays in more complete sentences with faster speed than their friends who use the computers.






Featured image source:  http://gamingghouls.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/write-for-us.jpg

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