Michelle Chong- (BrownHr001)

Giới tính: Nam / Tuổi: 30

Quốc gia: United States

Thành phố: San Francisco

Tham gia từ 2015

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Pursuing a career in medical research, keyed up in researches conducted to aid and supports the development body of knowledge in the field of medicine.

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Giới tính: Nam / Tuổi: 30

Quốc gia: Viet Nam

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Quốc gia: Viet Nam

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Why IBD patients should quit smoking? - với Thai Anh, phan hana và 11 khác


Irrespective of whether one suffers from an ill-health or not, smoking is one among the most life-threatening addictions that has to be kept at bay.Regardless of the humongous number of advertisements and promotional campaigns that have been going on widely in many parts of the world, smoking is one among the biggest dangers and the most fatal menace that the world is constantly battling each day. The shocking part of dealing with this vice lies in the fact that vast majority of chain smokers ar...

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can you help me speak english because i need it so much. tk

IBD among children - với Thai Anh, phan hana và 8 khác


Although the current statistics fail to provide a comprehensive idea, nearly one among the 210 children in UK alone suffer either from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, the two widely detected forms of inflammatory bowel disease conditions. Though both the autoimmune conditions can be managed and curbed with the aid of medications such as corticosteroids and anti-TNF drugs, as the illness is detected during childhood, the impacts that one has to deal with later-on can often be significantly...

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Can psychological stress aggravate IBD? - với Thai Anh, phan hana và 8 khác


When it comes to IBD diagnosis, no common test can help diagnose inflammatory bowel disease conditions easily. Moreover, inflammatory bowel disease signs are not confined to gut-related symptoms alone. A combination of physical examinations, lab tests, and imaging studies are indispensable to detect the debilitating conditions that an IBD patient is suffering from. That said, IBD symptoms include both gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal complaints. Stress is one among the common detected n...

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Reasons why regular exercises are indispensable for IBD patients - với Thai Anh, phan hana và 8 khác


Physical fitness doesn’t indicate the need to starve oneself to lose weight, nor does it emphasise essentiality to workout strenuously to shed the extra pounds. However, in our desperate effort to look slim, many of us are tempted to cling on to these extreme methods. A balanced regular exercise regimen is the healthy way to losing weight while maintaining the overall health and wellnesses. It helps maintain a healthy weight, while avoiding nutritional losses that can lead to weight loss and mal...

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