Ngô Ngọc- (canhbuomdo07)

Gender: Female / Age: 31

Country: Viet Nam

City: Ho Chi Minh City

Member since 2016

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hi guys, today is the first day am here. nice to see all

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Đỗ Quang Huy

Gender: Male / Age: 26

Country: Viet Nam

Nikhil Devisetty

Gender: Male / Age: 22

Country: India

Nguyen khanh huy

Gender: Male / Age: 23

Country: Viet Nam

nguyen chien thang

Gender: Male / Age: 37

Country: Viet Nam

Adelbert >2 years
I think we should focus on working. If we spend lots of time to work, we dont have enough time to miss someone, even think about him. I used to do that, it's so effective :)
i'm here
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