Chiang- (Chiang)

Gender: Female / Age: 28

Country: Viet Nam

City: Ho Chi Minh City

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i luv u everyday

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Well done!/ Good job!: Tốt
Great/ Wonderful/ Awesome: Tuyệt vời
Marvellous: Kì diệu
Excellent: Xuất sắc
Impressive: Gây ấn tượng sâu sắc, gây xúc động
Smart/ intelligent: thông minh, sáng suốt
Unbelievable: không thể tin được
Stunning: tuyệt vời; cực kỳ
Breathtaking: ngoạn mục, nghẹt thở
Spectacular: Đẹp mắt, ngoạn mục, hùng vĩ
You are simply beyond: Bạn thật hơn cả tưởng tượng
You're a marvel: Bạn là kỳ nhân!
It was epic: Quá huyền thoại!
You rock!: Bạn quá tuyệt!...

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Vô Hình 12 months
với một người mù tiếng anh thì phải làm sao mọi người
Nguyen Lee 12 months
Thanks for your share :), it really useful for our
Song Pham ~1 year
(=poc-hehe=) we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken:
Dinh Phuong ~1 year
yes sure

Felt Christmas Tree


Found on

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Dinh Phuong ~1 year
never be fallen if u have been in the belief

Snowman Popscicle Stick Ornament


There are many versions of this one

This one is a culmination of lots of ideas. I put together my own version of this cute snowman using what I had on hand.

The body is a jumbo craft stick and the hat brim is a section out of a regular size popsicle stick. Usually pop stick snowmen have black hats, but for mine I chose blue. I remembered I had some blue ribbon I got on sale after Christmas last year with pretty snowflakes on it. Honestly this particular ribbon was difficult to make &quot...

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Dinh Phuong ~1 year
maybe u have been in catholic
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