Ironic, in a week During August there have been two thefts yesterday that the culprit is the new kid grow up (ABG). On Monday, August 24, 2009 at 10:30 pm, two teenagers caught stealing helmet guard in the parking RSBT. According to the actors, this is the second action at the same time, where the first successful action and helmets are sold for Rp. 50 thousand. Offender admitted to stealing because it takes spending money. Then on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 13:30 pm, dropout youth caught taking snacks, a pack of cigarettes and money from the tens of thousands of a shop in the village Pangkalpinang Water Gate. Examination of both the above cases should be referred to the Law and the Law on Judicial Protection of children. If later in the broken judge found guilty, it approaches education is required in coaching during their sentence. Therefore the existence of prisons child become an urgent need in this province.
Dark Number

The two events above, only part of it that happens to exposed by the media. There may still be some other cases committed by teenagers, both with the same types of crimes as well as different. In the dark science of criminology recognized term number (dark figures) criminal on police statistics, where it is possible not all crimes and violations that occur in the community into the criminal statistics for several reasons, such cases are not reported to the police, has been amicably resolved or settled enough in the RT / RW only, has been resolved amicably or quite settled at the level of RT / RW only, since the perpetrators are still local residents or because they ABG. Some of these things does not include crimes that successfully managed as not get caught / arrested.

There are several factors contributing to the crimes / offenses committed by children / teenagers, such as family factors, environmental factors and economic factors. Of these three factors, all three could be a factor or just one of them.
First, family factors. This factor can be due to several things, such as disharmony in the family.
This could form the child towards the negative, because the family has a very strong influence in directing behavior, social norms, and compliance of the child. Disharmony can occur because the divorce of parents, the parents are super busy with work, parents who apply discriminatory to the child, the child and the lack of appreciation and others. All of it makes the child feel alone in dealing with the problem at the school and the environment, there is no exemplary role model at home, lack of attention, always in a position to blame, even children are being treated unfairly in the family.

Family disharmony factors that trigger the child easily breaking the norm, as I mentioned above, according to sociological standpoint probably reasonable and in line with the law of cause and effect. Yet another case where it triggers the elder parents or by the child. That is violation of norms is actually legalized by a parent or a more dangerous condition if the violation of norms is supported, conditioned and coordinated by the parents themselves.
Secondly, environmental factors. After the family, the child's social environment is the playground of the school and the neighborhood. Like it or not, the environment is the second educational institution after the family, so that control of the school and who is also child's play to effect the delinquency that led to the unlawful act. Not all children are not in harmony with the family tend violated the law, because there are also cases where children as perpetrators appeared to have a harmonious family. This is because so strong environmental factors play a negative.

Children with family disharmony background, would be more likely to find themselves outside the family who can accept what is. If the environment is positive it will solve the problem and bring the child in a positive direction as well. Conversely, if the negative is obtained, this is what it would plunge the child on the negative things, including start committing an offense such as stealing, stole, even using and distributing drugs.

Activity groups or commonly known "gang" seems to have received more attention from parents, teachers and community leaders, both growing in the school and in the community. A gang community generally viewed negatively. The danger, this community has a high level of solidarity, because the child wants to remain recognized its existence in the alley, because the child in the family and school was not recognized. Consequently, the assessment of whether the action is right or wrong alley is no longer a problem, which is important the child has a place where he was taken for granted.
Third, the economic factor. Reason economy demands a classic excuse that has become one of the root causes of crime since the early development of the science of criminology (the study of crime). Starting from the needs of the family, the school wants to increase the allowance is often the reason when a child committing an offense.
These three factors above, are just some of the triggers child committing an offense. Serious attention should be given by the three education institutions, the family, the school and the environment. Parents should give extra attention to the child, whether it's education or playmate. The school also had to supervise a maximum, although the presence of children in schools is not long, at least to prevent the proliferation of "gangs" were naughty in school and avoid a fight between the students and the conflict between school. Finally, the social control of the local community and religious leaders, as well as the role of government and the private sector to provide a play room for the children in their environment, so that children do not play on the street and form communities negatively.

Share and written By : Dwi Haryadi, S.H.,M.H.
Magister Of social and Law
University of Bangka Belitung,Indonesia

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I think Environmental factor is the most important reason why children become easily spoiled!
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Children are not guilty, caused by adults
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