Daily Conversation: Hobbies

Written by Minh SangMinh Sang- (minhsang)


A : What do you do for fun?
B : I’m fond of watching movie. What about you?
A : So do I. But I only enjoy certain movies such as documentary, science and action movies.
B : What movie do you like the most?
A : Romantic films. Because they refresh my mind. What makes you interested in science, documentary , and action films.
B : Sometimes people get ideas from the movie they watch. I like to imagine something. It makes me more creative. Ideas cost nothing to produce, but sometimes it produces millions.
A : I agree with you. I can also get the moral guide to solve various issues in life through films.
B : But we should be selective in choosing movie for children or young people. Because bad
movies can easily harm their mind.
A : Absolutely.

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