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Who want to fat like me?

Do you want to fat like me? i usually wish me can fat add 5-6kg because everyone said that i'm fat will beautiful than. when i was born i was malnutrition, i'm not like many different child, i'm sick very much, i go to hopital more than at home. But i have my parents they are always by my side so i can pass all. But now i just have 50kg. Have i too skinny?

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Đại Vĩ >3 years
Huh? Nói chuyện j?
muon nói chuyện thì làm sao

Do you have a friend foreigners?

Why are we need to a friend foreigners? Because they will help you be improve your english. if you have a problemt didn't undertand, you can ask them. They will answer for you. Chat to them by english, after a time, You couldn't belive your eyses because your english start improving. This is a method to improve your english, still a different method is in you, If you have effort to study, i think it's improve soon than

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Đại Vĩ >3 years
Hehe, i have a friend morocco, He very nice, if i have a problem which i don't undertand, i can ask him(:D)
Song Pham >3 years
ye, you make me remember my American friend :(. Too long i haven't met him (:()

Can you add me on your lish facebook?

Do you have use facebook? if you have, you can add me. We can chat together, can practice together. My facebook id is ĐẠI VĨ, If you not see, you can add me by add my numberphone, My numberphone is 0907940816. Can you add me on your lish facebook?

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First love

I think nobody have not first love. Me too, The people said that first love is suffering, it's right. I have never felt it before And Now i feeling Very suffering and i don't want to continue love Why? Haha, Because i love her a lot of but she never love me, never like me, i'm a crown in her presence, i just want to fun, just want to smile Although She is smile with The crown as me, but actually, She never love me. She like a different man. He is very handsome, Very funny and spe...

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Đại Vĩ >3 years
oh, thank you very much# luuton
luuton >3 years
trying dai vi
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