Do you want to study Vietnamese? It"s great

Viết bởi Vu NgocVu Ngoc

Vu Ngoc >3 years
Yes dear
Kamel Muslim >3 years
i can speak in only 6 month, if i want :), it's all depend on the method you learn with
Lên Đặng >3 years
I want to learn
Vu Ngoc >3 years
If u want to learn english plz contact with me
Nhat Hoa >3 years
yes, i think that right.
Nhat Hoa >3 years
i don't want. i want learn english.
Vu Ngoc >3 years
Yes. I see that. But we can tell them some simple sentences... :)
Đại Vĩ >3 years
it's very great. But i think it very hard with foriegners. Vietnamese is very different with english(:D)

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