Don’t Do Mistake in Choosing TENS Unit: Important Information to know

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Muscle pain is one of the most common health issues people are suffering these days due to long working hours in their office or due to due to accident, old age factor, arthritis, and some kind of physical injuries. If you are also suffering from back pain, neck pain, knee pain or lower back pain, but don’t want to take medicines, TENS unit is the right solution for you.
Let’s discuss what TENS unit is and what things you need to consider when choosing it.

TENS Units

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a personalized pain relief tool. It is an electronic electrotherapy device, which stimulates your nerves via an electrical current through your skin and provides natural pain relief. The use of TENS machine can be a part of a pain management program under the guidance of your doctor or healthcare practitioner.


With the advancement of technology, TENS units are designed with many features that provide better relief from your acute pain. There are two types of it: Digital and Analog. Digital units coming with a large LCD Display is considered good and easy to read.
• Amplitude: Amplitudes is the intensity or strength of the stimulation. It is measured in milliamps. The amplitudes of an intensity 10 digital TENS unit ranges from 50 to 80
mA. You should choose a unit that offers up to 100 mA.
• Intensity control: Usually, you can find units that have 8 to 12 steps of intensity control. It is good to choose a unit that provides 100 steps of intensity control from 1 to
100mA, 1mA. The step is used to adjust intensity level according to users’ needs.
• Dual Channel: A TENS unit with dual channel enables you to have up to 4 electrodes at once. With the channels, you can adjust the intensity of each set of electrode
• Modulation and burst mode: Modulation mode is used to manage the treatment cycle so that nerves don't adapt to the stimulation and reduces effectiveness.
• Unit weight: Always opt for a lightweight unit with a belt clip so that can you carry anywhere you go.
• Battery life: Make sure whether the intensity 10 digital TENS unit you are choosing has a long lasting battery life.
• Things to consider: It is advisable to cover for knobs and buttons. It will prevent you from accidentally hitting them.


From the above information, it is obvious that when one is going to buy TENS unit, one should consider the features mentioned above.

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