My english is not good. I studied English from the age of 12 but now I still do not know much. Because I do not try to learn it. Another reason is that I think the method of teaching English from VN inefficient. They always focus on grammar and do not pay much attention to pronunciation. So, I can not speak good English. I hope there will be teaching English better.

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Hope Speak lets you save time and money for learning languages by chat with strangers and chat with random people you meet

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I think we will improve our Enghlish when we talk with foreigner regular or we will forget it very fast
me too..i am learning english on internet
me too! I'm so sad about my E
Mint >3 years
so you have to learning english yourself on the computer
Mint >3 years
Mint >3 years
2 years old
I'm 2. I have learned english 4 very long time, but my eng skill r very bad!
Gia Cát Dự >3 years
I can't speaks write listen and more
Vinh vũ >3 years
wowwwww . Đại vĩ . did you study English when you were 13 ? and me . I have studied English for 3 months . I feel very regret that . before that , I only learned math, chemistry and biology . now I must try to learn very tired . haiz
will of god >3 years
You can talk with me Sally
Vinh vũ >3 years
Sally . I think so , too . the teacher English is a bit tired . I have to try to learn without a teacher
Mint >3 years it's very useful (=dragon-hahayouarefine=)
Mint >3 years
Sally, When I was 1o years old, I started learning E at school, and now, When I'm 29years old, my E skills is still very bad. More try on.
adhi eshwar >3 years
I used to learn English from good movies, sometimes i read Novels
Mio Ngân >3 years
Who can help me learn English through webcam & microphone?
CV Dâu >3 years
i also hope this website will be teaching English better for us ^^
I like you, I has spoken with foreigner and it was disaster with me. (P-()
Sally >3 years
First I think you should have a good vocabulary. I'm not good at grammar, because my work does not communicate in English. I'm just expressing my way. But I think people also hieur. My English is not good.
I did not have a method to learn to speak English, i were learning follow of teaching English of Vn,so I did not learn anything, did homework more, and i have no learned much. But i think u should learn to good grammar, pronounce.
Sally >3 years
Phạm Ngọc Minh: I agree with your idea (:D)
i agree with you, the method of teaching English from VN is not good, we have to try to learn English, especially pronounced ! we should be speaking more and more ! That is my idea.
Kamel Muslim >3 years
you can check out the method on you have to pay for it :( ,but you can download it from torrent free (:D)(;))
Kamel Muslim >3 years
i've just found a great method to learn languages, is just about listining repeating and communiting , just like a baby do, (:D) i'm not a great speak as well, but this methods works perfectly with me , it's called the effortless english methode
Kamel Muslim >3 years
Hey evryone, Sally is right about one thing, the method we had learn with is totally inefficient, the grammar books and those old stuff don't help, well we didn't use it to learn our native language, right (:~)) ,
Nhat Hoa >3 years
My english is not good grammar and pronunciation. I will to try learn english. Can you help me?
luuton >3 years
good idea
hienericson >3 years
how re you
hienericson >3 years
Song Pham >3 years
because one guy asked in Vietnamese, (=)))
Sally >3 years
hehe, sao tự nhiên mọi người cmt bằng tiếng Việt hết :)
Song Pham >3 years
học IELTS đi, cái đó sẽ improve em về ngữ pháp nhiều lắm luôn á
phu >3 years
I am too! :-(
Đại Vĩ >3 years
#Song Pham: Nên mua sách gì có những cấu trúc ngữ pháp đó a? Trên lớp cô chỉ dạy những ngữ pháp qan trọng để thi thôi còn cái khác thì ko có
Đại Vĩ >3 years
#song pham: Ih, Cảm ơn a nhìu ạ! Còn nhìu cấu trúc mà e chưa hox qá àk(:D)
Song Pham >3 years
Từ mang nghĩa tiến bộ thường có -ing đằng sau nhu keep going, start improving... nhớ thầy dạy thế, ngoài ra tiến bộ co the dùng với giới từ on, như move on, go on...
Đại Vĩ >3 years
Sally88: E hog cười chị đâu ạ! Vì chính e cũng giống chị thôi mà
Sally >3 years
Đại Vĩ. Thực ra ngữ pháp chị cũng ko tốt lắm. Chị chỉ nói như thế nào thì viết như thế ấy thui ah. Theo chị nhớ thì có cấu trúc là: Start + V-ing. Còn từ following, trong câu này là theo suốt 2 năm, tức là sự việc cứ tiếp diễn 2 năm nên chị thêm ING, chỉ ko giỏi tiếng anh, chị nghĩ sao viết zị nên em đừng cười chị nha hihi
Đại Vĩ >3 years
#Sally88: Cho e hỏi 'ngu' xíu (:D)nha!!. Tại sao từ 'improving' chị lại thêm 'ing' zạ sao ko dùng improve nó cũng có nghĩa là cải thiện mà. Còn từ 'following ' sao chị cũng thêm ' ing' mà hăm zùng 'follow' zạ chị nó cùng nghĩa mà. Mí cái đó e dở lắm mong chị chỉ giúp e với ạ
Sally >3 years
Đại Vĩ. you are very young, you start improving your vocabulary now. Every day you just learned 20 from the following 2 years you will have one huge vocabulary. Do not regret it, but let's act. Nothing is late.
Đại Vĩ >3 years
You say to right, They are focus skill grammar but they forget focus skill speaking and listening So it's inefficient with us. you are very same me, i studied english when i was 13 year old, i didn't try to learn vocabulary because i thougt i just need to focus grammar, So Now My vocabulary haven't alot of should i have some problem in english. i wish i can return the past, i can learn to many vocabulary than but it's just wish should now i feel very regret that

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